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    Stuart High prides itself on the quality of teaching and learning programs available to all students. Teachers work and plan collaboratively within learning areas and focus on student engagement and active participation in the learning process. Developing independent thinkers who are able to manage their time and their learning is critical for their success in the global society in which they live and work.


    The Years 8 - 10 curriculum aims to provide a broad, balanced learning program to prepare students for effective participation in society, and fulfil their needs to progress to future study and work options. A non-judgemental and engaging approach, focused on activity but with guidance, discussion, and constant unswerving contact, are breaking down barriers and supporting the development of resilience within students.


    Students are encouraged to strive for excellence in their learning and use the support of teachers and parents to help them reach their learning goals. In addition a number of specific programs are offered which meet the particular needs of our school community and the expressed needs of students and parents.


    • In Year 8 students have a general learning program with some choices. As students progress to Years 9 and 10, more choices are available to enable students to begin to follow their preferred pathways and to undertake more specific and specialised learning programs.