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    Parent Meet & Greet Night

    A successful greeting session was held on Tuesday March 14th for a small number of parents who attended the event. Staff provided a BBQ where everyone could build their own hamburger which was a great success. The parents had the opportunity to talk with teachers and support staff in an informal setting. A display was available in the Library showing the work students do in STEM, HASS and work being undertaken in Project Based Learning in the Special Education Class. This provided a focus for discussion and questions being asked of students about their learning this term.

    Jeanette address staff and visitors in the library.

    The parents had the opportunity to talk with teachers and support taff in an informal setting. A display was available in the Library showing the work students do in STEM, HASS and work being undertaken in Project Based Learning in the Special Education Class. This provided a focus for discussion and questions being asked of students about their learning this term.

    The small parent cohort was rewarded by being able to take part in the raffle draw. This was organised by the Governing Council. The first prize was a basket of donated household and pamper pack items. The second prize was Coles gift cards donated by the principal. The final prizes included sports equipment that proved popular with the children present.

    ample work on display.

    Thank you to all staff, especially Tanya Watkins, Governing Council Chairperson, Meleika Hobba, Tamy Pond the front office staff, teachers and the School Support Officers for making the evening a successful occasion.

    If parents still want to catch up with care group or subject teachers they are encouraged to do so by contacting Stuart High on 86490400 to make an appointment.

    Bullying No Way Day 2017.

    On the 17th March, Stuart High celebrated Bullying No Way Day. This is celebrated nationally every year whereby schools all over Australia implement activities to inform students about what bullying is and how to overcome it.

    To celebrate this at Stuart High, we ran a whole school assembly where we presented a Power Point which Student Voice wrote, highlighting the different forms of bullying and solutions to bullying.

    Bullying. No way!

    We also showed two short film clips, the first one depicted a year 8 student who was being bullied and how she felt. The second film clip showed the same girl one year later, who had overcome bullying by not paying any attention to the bullies, having close friends support her and by believing in herself.

    A sausage sizzle was provided at recess whereby students enjoyed some bullying free socialization.

    Overall the morning was a great success. Hopefully, our assembly has played a small part by challenging perceptions about our school culture by addressing bullying up front in a positive forum.

    Harmony Day was linked to the Bullying No Way assembly to further emphasise the values of diversity, tolerance and the ability to see a situation from another person's perspective. The students across the school wore orange as bandanas, headbands, wristbands and scarves to celebrate Harmony Day. Thank you to Mrs Gapp and Student Voice for organising the events.

    Student Voice Leadership Day

    On Thursday, the 9th March, our Student Voice team went to Whyalla High School to attend an Eyre Peninsula Student Voice leadership forum with other schools from across the Eyre Peninsula. The presenter was Nicole Gibson who is an inspirational speaker from QLD. Nicole shared her personal journey with us, highlighting her ability to develop her own foundation called Rogue & Rogue. The main message from her story was to inspire us to dream big and believe we can reach our dreams if we persevere and become resilient in the face of the obstacles that arise when we are moving towards our vision.

    We also identified what style of leadership we operate in and how to work successfully with other leaders. It became evident that all team members are important (not just leaders) because of the unique skills we all bring to the table.

    Student Voice Leadership Day.

    Another area we talked about was having a Growth Mindset which impacts on what we say in our classes, for example, instead of saying "I'm no good at this", we can say "how can I improve?". Instead of saying "I give up" we can say "let me try a different way". Instead of saying "I failed" we can say "mistakes are part of learning". As a result of this activity, we came to understand that abilities do not determine everything, but rather our effort and our attitude play a big part in our success.

    Student Voice weeting.


    Five Edward John Eyre students from the SAASTA program are attending the TAFE Block in Adelaide this week. The students were accompanied by Ms Trish Jenkins on the flight to Adelaide with Mr Darryl Weichmann joining the group from Tuesday to Thursday. This trip provides the students with invaluable experience in mixing with students from other SAASTA Academies. The students will showcase the winning SAASTA guernsey which formed part of the first term's work.

    The current program has eighteen students enrolled and is run from the University of South Australia.

    WASSAC 2017

    The WASSAC team comprising students from Whyalla High School, Stuart High and Edward John Eyre travelled to Roxby Downs to compete at WASSAC. Reports indicate that the behaviour of our students was exemplary and all students did themselves proud in working as one team.

    There were some excellent results with Whyalla finishing 2nd in the handicap award and 3rd overall. The Under 14 girls were named Under 14 overall champions for the most points scored.

    WASSAC team at Roxby Downs.

    Whyalla will host WASSAC in 2018 with staff from the three secondary sites working hard to make a very successful event happen.

    Thank you to all the staff who accompanied the students and were part of the planning team that helped make this event special for all involved.

    Year 8 Camp

    The Year 8 students from Stuart High attended a camp at Pichi Richi camp site just outside of Quorn last week.

    The camp included many arranged activities that challenged the students' physical fitness on the hikes, orienteering and games that kept them busy. The camp was fully catered so the students and staff were well fed with home style meals and snacks.

    Feedback from the organisers was very positive stating that our students were very well behaved, receptive to the organised activities and a pleasure to have at the camp.

    Thank you for the hard work from the teachers who organised this exciting camp.


    The Stuart High reports sent home last week included a printout of individual student absences including any days away that were unexplained. If parents wish to talk to the school staff about the absences, appointments can be made with care group teachers or a phone call to the front office will be appreciated.

    Over the term the year level that has maintained a good record of attendance is the Year 8's. The Year 9's showed some improvement but overall are below the target of 93% attendance. The Year 10's attendance figures are affected by a small number of students who do not attend regularly. Those Year 10's that do come daily are rewarded with positive learning experiences using Flipped Learning resulting in near completion of their PLP's.

    We cannot stress enough that one day of absence is lost learning, two days means that students begin to get behind their peers and more days away makes it hard to catch up. Not only is learning affected but social groups change and it is hard for some students to re-establish their relationships with their friends who may have moved on.


    It is unfortunate that we are experiencing a rise in cyber bullying that is happening outside of Stuart High and on the weekends. This spills over into school during the day as the children involved continue the threats and animosity toward each other.

    Parents be aware that any threats made on Facebook, Snap chat or by any other means are taken seriously and the police are called. If the bullying is ongoing or the threats include violence then charges can be laid.

    Parents need to be vigilant about what their children do on social media with the best advice being to delete messages, block senders and report offenders to the police. Retaliation is not advisable as this can lead to further issues that can escalate and get out of control. Cyber safety is something we should all practise.

    Canteen News

    The canteen continues to provide a service to the students from Whyalla Stuart Campus, Hincks Ave PS, Fisk St PS and Stuart High School. This term Kerry and Margaret have provided a number of new items for sale along with specials for selected periods of time. The specials have proved to be very popular. The ladies continue to strive to work within the Rite Bite Strategy and appreciate feedback on the sorts of food items that are sold in the canteen. A canteen price list was sent out with the last newsletter.

    If you have a spare hour or two volunteers are also being sought to help out at peak times. DECD compliance is required but training can be arranged. Please contact Stuart High on 86490400 if you are interested in helping out.

    Thanks to the dedicated staff and volunteers who have kept the canteen running during the term.


    TAQUACULTURE Congratulations to the students who are in the Aquaculture program on the recent release of 300 yabbies into the Whyalla Wetlands

    Whyalla Wetlands.

    Roy McKenzie and Tim Salinger have supported the students in monitoring the yabbie populations and will continue with the program if it proves to be successful. The students experienced a valuable connection in sustaining a healthier eco system in their local area.