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    Principal's Welcome

    Dear Parents, Caregivers and associated community members.

    Welcome to Term 3 and to the new look newsletter. The launch of our new logo which can be seen at the top left hand corner was developed following extensive consultation with the Governing Council, students, staff and school community, beginning midway through 2015 and continuing during Term 1 this year. This culminated in the development of the new student uniform, school signage and school map which was revealed at the public launch at the Year 7 transition Open Night last week.

    General upgrades to the school have commenced with the painting of the entrance foyers and brickwork in the main teaching block, the technical block, art and kitchen areas and the Gym doors. The colours reflect the beginning of the school in the 70's and include orange, lime green, peacock blue and yellow. This has refreshed key areas across the school, providing focal points as well as a practical application with ease of direction for contractors, and students when entering the buildings. The feedback received so far has been very positive.

    The new school sign and lighting at the school's entrance supports the new look and reminds us that Stuart High has a place that is an integral part of the Whyalla Stuart landscape. The new logo is proudly displayed alongside the lettering which lights up at night.

    A new sign showing where the buildings are located is also a feature of improving the look of the school.

    Many people need to be recognised not least the present school community who have wholeheartedly embraced the changes and have provided positive feedback in a number of ways. There is an air of excitement and new found positive spirit pervading the school and this was very evident at the launch night.

    The term has commenced with many other activities across our classes as well.

    Governing Council

    The Governing Council members from 2015 and 2016 are to be congratulated for their courage and determination of seeing the process to re-brand the school through to its final conclusion. The current council members have approved the Whyalla wide school closure day on September 5th, 2016. Approval has also been given for Tuesday, September 6th as an Alliance School closure day. This is when all staff from the three high schools meet for professional development around the Australian Curriculum.

    We are still actively recruiting for new members to join the council where you can have your say in aspects of ongoing developments across the school.

    Naidoc Award Achievement

    Congratulations to Tamy Pond, Stuart High School's ASETO who has won the NAIDOC Community Member of the Year award at the ceremony held at the Middleback Theatre during NAIDOC week celebrations. Tamy works tirelessly supporting the Aboriginal students and their families to ensure they experience success at school.

    She is also well known for the other roles that she undertakes in the community with great enthusiasm and commitment which has been recognised with this award. The school is very fortunate to have such a committed person on our staff.

    Jeanette Conroy