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  • Why Stuart High School?

    Teachers and support staff at Stuart High have a wide range of experiences and bring skills and understandings from a vast array of life and backgrounds, some of which include business. This variation in background and understanding of enterprise skills and approaches provides support for others who have a singular teaching background.

    Teachers champion the underpinning learning outcomes associated with activities that scaffold students to take charge, to plan, to organise, to influence and to reach a goal. Providing strong mentoring and facilitation within negotiated boundaries, teachers realise that the student roles in decision making, leading and taking responsibility for the obtaining of self directed goals provide opportunities for learning.

    Teachers consider their teaching role extends well beyond class and school time boundaries, and integrates closely with the life of the community. These outcomes include the ability to organise projects, having initiative and leadership characteristics to identify opportunities and capitalise on them, showing strong connection to an apposite and constructive society and demonstrating perseverance in the face of adversity.

    While the school places much store on academic results and mastery of the basic skills, a further range of learning outcomes is emerging to deepen and enrich, to engage and connect. These outcomes provide underpinning approaches and skills that lead to independence, collaboration, self worth, resilience and a positive, goal-achieving outlook on life. There is recognition that, for many students, it is difficult for them to see a direct link between traditional school attainment and either life skills or job attainment.

    Attempting to embed high expectations across the school, while keeping them realistic and within the attainment of all students is a challenge. There is an understanding for the need to scaffold and support students in their enterprise learning, providing firm guidelines, discussing and practicing approaches and teaching about some of the elements that make up delivery of a project.