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    Cutting steel. Walking out bush. In class. Masks. Bemrose.

    Stuart High recognises the need for further opportunities to promote a full range of authentic outcomes. Teachers and students understand that behaviour management issues do not often arise in work that is interesting, challenging and practically oriented. Attendance of students whose engagement with school was very poor has increased as they become engaged in constructive activities such as aquaculture, farming, building, hydroponics and horticulture. Pride in appearance and product outcomes has increased as success is gained in competition within a wider adult world.

    With the establishment of more meaningful student teacher relationships and scaffolding the students to take learning risks, these students can and do move outside their comfort zone. They learn to take responsibility, connect with the adult world and develop resilience. Such underpinning approaches and skills have been the way back in for many students. They have reconnected with more traditional attainments of success.

    Why Choose Us


    Our students consistantly excel in SACE and enjoy meaningful careers and life experiences.


    Our aim is to maintain the level of education that has been achievable for all students.


    Our staff care about all students, regardless of social, educational or ethnic background.


    The school recognises the need for further opportunities to promote a full range of authentic outcomes.


    We are always striving to improve our teaching methods and get even better results for our students.

    We are committed to promoting the educational achievements of all indigenous students and to enhancing the knowledge and understanding of all students about Aboriginal Australia, utilising sensitivity for their special needs and knowledge about Aboriginal cultural protocols.

    Teachers and support staff at Stuart High School have a wide range of experiences and bring skills and understandings from a vast array of life and backgrounds, some of which include business. This variation in background and understanding of enterprise skills and approaches provides support for others who have a singular teaching background.

    Attempting to embed high expectations across the school, while keeping them realistic and within the attainment of all students is a challenge. There is an understanding for the need to scaffold and support students in their enterprise learning, providing firm guidelines, discussing and practicing approaches and teaching about some of the elements that make up delivery of a project.

    Literacy and Numeracy

    Literacy and Numeracy are two of the seven General Capabilities identified in the Australian Curriculum. Literacy brings the knowledge and skills students need to access, understand, analyse and evaluate information. Literacy skills assist students to make meaning, express their thoughts and emotions, present ideas and opinions and interact with others to enable them to fully participate in activities at school and in their lives beyond school.

    At Stuart High literacy skills are developed and extended in all learning areas through understanding the literacy demands of each subject. This is supported by using explicit teaching approaches, targeted assessment tasks and identification of the general level of expected language and literacy skills for each year level.

    Numeracy involves students in recognising and understanding the role of mathematics and developing the disposition and capability to use mathematical knowledge and skills in everyday life.

    At Stuart High teachers are required to identify the specific numeracy demands of their learning area and provide experiences and opportunities so students can apply their general mathematical knowledge and skills in familiar and unfamiliar situations

    Harmony Day

    The identification of student progress in Literacy and Numeracy is monitored through a range of tests including NAPLAN for Year 9 students, PAT-R (Reading) and PAT-M (Mathematics) along with PROBE for comprehension and the use of MultiLit as part of the intervention program. Personal Learning Plans (PLP) support Year 10 Literacy and Numeracy knowledge and skills with a range of experiences including required research and work experience. Additional resources at Stuart High also include the Homework Club, scaffolded assessment tasks in individual classrooms, one on one support for individual students and the introduction of clearly articulated bookwork expectations.

    At Stuart High Literacy and Numeracy skills are essential to a student's progress in their learning, personal, social and emotional development along the path of lifelong learning.

    Community Partnerships

    Over recent years, Stuart High School has forged strong and meaningful partnerships with a variety of community services and organisations. These complement the strong culture of student care and support that is a feature of Stuart High. They also provide opportunities and avenues for students that fit outside the normal school offerings.

    Interagency Support

    Apart from support services offered through the Department for Education and Children Services (DECD) such as behaviour, attendance and disability, Stuart High has access to numerous support programs through various non-government organisations. Stuart High School works particularly closely with Centacare, Mission Australia and Eyre Futures. Services offered include case management, mentoring, and dedicated programs to support student well-being and engagement with school.

    Smith Family

    Over the past few years, Stuart High School and The Smith Family have worked in partnership to provide a number of programs to support students to be career minded and successful.

    Student 2 Student (S2S): is a phone reading program. Students from year 7-12 listen to children from Year 3-8 read up to 3 times a week. The goal of S2S is to increase the reading abilities of the younger students. High school students are often the mentors and can get employability skills such as time management and leadership from the program. Stuart High School has had a number of students volunteer as mentors for this program.

    Next Steps is a career development program that covers basic interview and job application skills. Next Steps is run by a corporate partner of the Smith Family and informs the students exactly what employers look for when hiring people to work for them. Students participate in a one day workshop. The skills learnt throughout this day have proven to be beneficial to their Personal Learning Plan studies in Year 10.

    I-Track: is an online mentoring program held during school hours for one hour at a time. Students chat with mentors on a secure online chat room. All efforts are taken for the students and mentors to remain anonymous. The goal of I-Track is to further student aspirations towards careers or higher education. Currently Stuart High School has a number of Year 9 students and Year 10 students enrolled in this program.

    Homework Club is held every Monday in the Resource Centre at Stuart High School. This gives students the opportunity to work in a less formal setting with one to one tuition assisting them in current studies and assignments developing essential learning skills and concepts further.

    Negotiations are underway to re-locate the Smith Family office onto the Stuart High campus. This will create further opportunities for students and families to connect and work together to create successful learning career aspirations.

    Smith Family Logo

    Uniform Policy

    Stuart High has a uniform policy that:

    • Contributes to school unity
    • Develops a sense of belonging and pride
    • Develops a positive image of Stuart High in the wider community
    • Reduces competitive dressing and the costs associated with brand name clothing
    • Assists with the safety and care of students through easy identification while on school grounds and attending excursions.

    All students at Stuart High are expected to be neatly and suitably attired in the school uniform.


    The following items of clothing constitute the school uniform.

    • Polo Shirts with the school logo in black, red or white
    • Jumpers with emblem, or plain black
    • Black Pants or jeans
    • Black shorts
    • Flat and enclosed shoes.

    Motifs or stripes are not allowed on trousers or shorts. Shorts need to be no shorter than mid-thigh. SAASTA tops are an exception.

    Map of the school.